The Study Of The Harp Essay

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The HARP categorizes men who reported male-male sexual contact and sexual contact with both males and females as men who have sex with men (DOH, 2015). In 2015, MSM comprised of 89% (6,465) of the total reported cases of MOT via sexual contact among men in the Philippines. Within the past five years, 87% (20,744) of sexually transmitted cases were among MSM. From the start of the epidemic in 1984, 85% (22, 525) of total reported sexually transmitted cases were among MSM. Overall, the rates of HIV positive MSM are significantly higher than those of the men who reported male-female sexual contact.

Determining if these increased rates reflect a definite increase of HIV infection among MSM or an increase of HIV positive men getting test while now identifying as MSM requires examining the methods of data collection utilized by the HARP and possible factors that influence men’s decision to identify as MSM. The HARP utilizes passive surveillance. This system entails health care providers sending monthly reports on the occurrence of disease of interest on a standard form to higher administration (WHO, 2016a). Weaknesses to the passive surveillance system include the lack of cases being reported due to the inaccessibility of health facilities, issues concerning the under-recognition of diseases, inadequate level of laboratory support, and common logistical reasons such as underpaid workers, lack of motivation to report due to receiving no feedback, and inadequate training (WHO,…

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