The Study Of Intercultural Communication Essay

1867 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
The broad nature of this essay topic demands for the parameters of discussion to be defined; the scope of this essay will be to discuss some conceptual ideas of how the study of Intercultural Communication (IC) can be beneficial as well as ‘dangerous’, if not approached critically; while suggesting some approaches through which one can practice effective IC. Specifically, when discussing the dangers, the focus will be on concepts like ethnocentrism, cultural appropriation, fetishism and how they can cause harm. This will be juxtaposed with discussion of the benefits, which will centre around the importance of Intercultural Communication in the face of rapid globalisation and how the study and practice of it, can advance communication, whether in the sphere of business or social engagement. Finally, some researched methods and suggestions for effective approaches when studying and practicing Intercultural Communication to be good intercultural communicators will be mentioned.
There are numerous pitfalls a student of Intercultural Communication, who does not critically approach and engage in studying Intercultural Communication with an open mind may fall in to, which can cause misunderstandings and harm; as all forms of communication are cross cultural in some way, these dangers are prevalent in society and essential to examine to understand why they’re harmful. This begins by understanding that educators will sometimes have interpretations of content, and…

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