The Struggle Of Welfare Essay

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The Struggle of welfare
There are several ideological variations in the forms of the welfare state like social democratic, liberal, and conservatives and Latin welfare state. However, the ideological inspiration for the liberal welfare states shape public policies much different. The goal is to minimize government interventions and disincentives to work. The program focuses on the need and the central institution for it to market everyone. The liberal welfare state is dominated by business and corporate interests. The struggle of welfare revolves around public policy aspects like health inequalities and political economy perspective. The policies the government makes revolves on the social determinants. It shows that economics, politics and social facts, organize public policy in Canada and influence and shape other countries around the world. Business and corporate power is constantly increasing. However, poverty and health are what seems to capture the most attention in this case. As the health care system constantly makes improvements, industrializes countries that fail to recognize that live within. Although there are many setbacks in this system, there are some inequality issues that pinpoint the Canadian health care system. “Politics, public policy and health inequalities are some issues that involve the Canadian health care system” (Raphael 2002). Comprehensiveness in the Canadian health-care insurance plan indicates that all citizens insures to services that are…

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