The Structure Of The Cell Nucleus Essay

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Thus, each cell consists of several main components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. What should they be? How should interact with each other? In the cell nucleus there is deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that defines this processes. The separate section of DNA that encoded the assembly sequence of a protein called «gene». Proteins are composed of various genes, in turn, define the structure of the cells, regulate the synthesis of all other substances, perceive and transmit signals that cause the cell to react to changes. The set of all genes of an organism is called genotype. In all the cells of the same organism genotype is the same.
Genetic engineering is the complex of technology which using molecular biological methods allow changing the structure of the genes and introducing foreign genes with the specified functions into the organism. However, the organism is transferred only one gene, and the rest of the genotype remains unchanged. Consequently, we can also give the body signs that can 't be moved through cross-breeding.
A long time ago people are have noticed that the similar organisms display some of the signs in different ways. People have selected from the nature the plants or animals that possess the relevant properties, and artificially raised them in the farms. For crossing and produce offspring, the strongest or the most delicious ones were chosen. Thus, people chose organisms with a specific genotype. So, the breeding or selection is the genetic engineering too.…

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