Cyber Attack Risk Analysis

As technology evolves, so will the methods that criminals and terrorists utilize to achieve a personal gain. In the United States and throughout the most countries, technology plays a significant role in the way our economy operates, how cities obtain power, and how information is shared. If technology was used to disrupt this state of living, this could lead to a detrimental chain of events that could cripple the very existence of how we live. The technology we rely upon has numerous strengths, but there are also weaknesses that come along with it. The biggest threat to technology is the growing concern of a potential cyber attack that would disrupt critical infrastructures.
When managing an emergency such as a cyber attack, planners must first assess the risks associated with a cyber attack, analyze the risk of a cyber attack, develop strategies to mitigate that risk, evaluate strategies, and implement and monitor current plans. This process expresses the five characteristics of effective risk assessment planning. Society relies upon many forms of
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However, the expense for maintaining and increasing cyber security and cyber security awareness has cost the federal government approximately $459 million since 2012 (Department of Homeland Security, 2011). This figure could eventually increase as newer technology is released and developed, but it is evident how serious cyber security must be taken to ensure the safeguard of information and the proper mitigation of a cyber attack. The monitoring of cyber attacks, as previously mentioned, involves many entities working collaboratively to stonewall cyber attacks from occurring. When implementing measures, agencies have to recognize a legitimate threat exists and if the threat is imminent in order to stop the

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