The Strengths Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay

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Some of the strengths of cognitive behavior theory are that the therapist are not stuck with using one form of a theory. There are many different forms of other therapies that are connected to cognitive behavior therapy. Because different therapies can fall under the larger spectrum of cognitive behavior therapy, it can give therapists the options of using different types of therapies or a combination of different theories. A therapist can choose to use rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) which emphasizes a client to think, judge, decide, analyze and then put into action. With rational emotive behavior therapy a client’s emotions and behaviors interact with the relationship they have and how those relationships work.
A therapist may also choose cognitive therapy (CT), in which a therapist helps the client tell the difference between what reality is and what makes up the client’s fantasy. The biggest focus of cognitive therapy is examining a client’s beliefs, and possible redesigning them to enhance a client’s ideas, feelings and behavior. A different therapy could be cognitive behavior modification, in which the therapist teaches the client how to identify self-destructive speech toward oneself and reinforce more positive speech. Exposure therapy works to expose the client to what they fear and gain control over it causing it to be less stressful. Exposure therapy is often where you hear “flight or fright therapy.” Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a newer form…

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