Essay on The Strength Of The British Empire

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Short-Answer Questions:
1. The strength of the British empire in North America was due in large part to the religious toleration and freedom established there. This liberation from persecution in many colonies was the deciding factor for many immigrants as they wanted to escape from the Anglican church in England. Also, mercantilism in the British American colonies helped to create economic diversity and success by creating a higher demand for colonial products. In addition, with the labor of black slaves rather than white servants, the colonies enjoyed extreme population growth and lower tension between classes in white society. Because of the encouraged primary education in the colonies, many in the colonies were heavily involved in the Enlightenment, which led to the development of American science.
The French empire, although weaker than that of the British, did profit from mercantilist practices to a lesser degree. Exportation of agricultural and fur goods spurned the economy in New France. France’s economy relied a lot on the sugar and molasses production in the Caribbean islands fueled by slave labor. In Louisiana and other parts of the French empire in North America, colonists relied on Native American trade and protection to stay alive and well. The French relationship with the natives was the only factor that was superior to the British empire.
Like the French empire, the Spanish empire in North America profited from a much lesser degree of success than did the…

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