The Streets Of New Orleans Essay

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The Streets of New Orleans It was five hours of contemplating what I would be doing on the streets of New Orleans in a compacted car with four girls complaining the entire way there. I was going to this city for the first time in my life as my elders explained to me how different this place and its people were. I was going for the weekend to attend the Voodoo Music Arts Festival which was much anticipated as many of my favorite artist were playing along with some others that I had never heard of before that I believed would be interesting. I began contemplating due to I had no idea whatsoever what I would be doing while I was not attending the festival as I would be there only at night. Bourbon Street was on my mind; although, I had no idea of where to go once I arrived there or how I could spend hours on these streets. After thinking and sleeping most of the way trying to distract myself from the women in the car I soon arrived at my destination and met the other four guys I would be attending the festival with. We began navigating the streets of New Orleans and I immediately knew that this weekend was going to be something to remember. We arrived at our hotel, or at least what I believed was a hotel when I booked the reservation. It was a run-down house with two stories painted an odd light blue as the rest of the houses on the street were painted colors of green, red, or yellow. I began to think “are we at the right place?” even though I read the sign that clearly stated…

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