Essay on The Story Of Alec Isn 't Wake Up

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“Alec?” Izzy whispered, when she got no answer she gave up (mostly because she realised Alec didn 't have his hearing aids in) and decided to poke his cheek. All that did was make Alec let out a grumble before turning his back to her and snuggling deeper into the pillow. Izzy rolled her eyes and grabbed the cup of water on his side table and slowly trickled it down the back of his shirt.

Alec had a goddamn spasm and jumped out of bed before turning to Izzy and glaring at her, “What the frick was that for?!”

She waited for Alec to open the box he stored his hearing aids in, put them on and switch them on before saying, “You wouldn 't wake up.” Alec 's anger immediately turned to concern, Izzy 's voice was gone... As in completely gone, she was whispering and Alec could tell that even doing that was straining her voice.

He sat back on the bed, leaning back on the headboard, “What happened?”

She looked close to tears before choking out, “I don 't know, my voice was-” She broke off with a cough as Alec scrambled to find his iPhone. When he found it, he opened the notes section and handed it to Izzy so she could type whatever she needed to say – turns out she needed to say a lot.

My throat was feeling a lil scratchy yesterday but I ignored it and now my voice is gone. Oh my god Alec, my fans are going to hate me, I 'm supposed to be doing an LGBT YouTubers panel today where we answer questions and give advice and get to interact with our fans except now I can 't because I…

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