Essay on The Story Of A Fire By Jack London

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The story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London was “London’s masterpiece” (To Build a Fire). It told a very powerful story of a man trying to overcome nature, but his attitude about the situation ultimately led him to failure; the message of the story is very grim because it ultimately led to death. The author used all of the elements of fiction to show that pride should not control actions because sometimes it leads to faulty logic. The setting, character, symbol, tone and style contribute to the overall theme of the story which is pride leads to downfall.
The setting of the story contributes to the theme of the story by creating a very serious situation for the main character. The extreme “primarily continental subarctic” (Smith) weather was described by the main character as “seventy-five below” (London 111). The extreme cold and snowy weather on the Yukon trail made it difficult for the main character to travel. This ultimately slowed him down and caused him to have to stay in the conditions longer than expected. The weather conditions also created a dire situation because the longer he stayed in them his chance for receiving frostbite and freezing to death greatly increased. The extreme setting contributes to the theme by creating the perfect situation for things to go wrong.
The main character contributes to the overall theme of the story. He had a mindset that made him so sure of his abilities and held a “high opinion of himself” (ethics) that he decided he could travel…

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