Stonewall Riots In 1969: The Start Of The Gay Revolution

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What begins as the Stonewall Riots in 1969 was the beginning of the Gay Revolution. In New York, you can hear miles away people chanting (LGBT) repeatedly to the point their voices were heard across the world. We created the Declaration of Independence that said, “That all men are created equal,” instead American society made homosexuality unacceptable for effeminate of young men and women. Most men and women that were gay had to hide their sexuality, and live the “normal” life that society made up. However, for those who spoke out against discrimination and inequality was subjection of verbal abuse and hate crimes. Some homosexual’s would tried to convince themselves that being gay was a mental illness, because living a “normal” life consists of a man marrying a woman, and not man and man, nor woman and woman. Following the Stonewall Riots in 1969, Brenda Howard helped organize the 1970 Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day Parade. She made an organization easier for African Americans, Hispanics, White, and Transgender patrons to stand up for equality. I followed Ms. Howard through all success and failure and I reported history in the making. I am Ashley Rivera a reporter who saw the …show more content…
Their actions made countless improvements on the gay rights movement resulting in cultural, legal, and social evolutions, including decriminalization of homosexuality across the nation. This movement started off in New York at the Stonewall Inn, were police officers raid the Inn to arrest gay men. However, instead the police officers following the law that cops could no longer legally entrap gay men, nor gay bars just because of their sexual preference. Which lead to Christopher Street, where Brenda Howard formed a Gay Liberation eventually earning her the title “Mother of

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