The Stone Lion ( Wild And Voutila, 2014 ) Begins And Ends Essay

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The right words
The stone lion (Wild and Voutila, 2014) begins and ends with the lion being a statue in front of the library. The journey taken through the beginning and the end of the story allow the readers to feel, dream, imagine and think about feelings of the lion and the feelings that he encounters. Margaret Wild and Rita Voutila allow the readers to embark on the same journey through the use of emotive language and pictures throughout the story. Humans are able to gain the information though the use of their senses, sight and sound (Tunnell, 2008). The words used through out the story allow the readers to believe the story and embark on the fantasy journey with deep emotional responses. The gothic elements used in this story for example, the gargoyles, dark winter weather and the action all taking place at night are Ways to engage the readers in connecting emotionally with the story (The stone lion)

Precise vocabulary

"She swayed, then she sank to the steps, her body limp and her eyes closed" (Wild and Voutila, 2014) is telling the reader that the character is feeling distressed and powerless. The vocabulary used in this particular sentence allows the reader to feel the emotion of the character by the use of the descriptive words "she sank to the steps". The reader is thinking about the emotions and presented with words that allow them to create the image and experience in the situation (Tunnell, 2008).

Figurative language
The use of figurative language allows…

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