The Stolen Party By Liliana Hecker Essay

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Experiencing Social Barriers
Social status is granted at birth and often difficult to change. Rosaura, the main character of the short story “The stolen party” by Liliana Hecker is a striking example of an oppressed citizen suffering class restriction. Born into a lower social class, the pit of ideologies that nine- year-old Rosaura is thrown into make it hard for her to climb out. Before the party, Rosaura’s mother tries to warn her that the people at the party will look down on her. During the party, Luciana’s cousin makes Rosaura feel inferior by questioning her repeatedly and at the end of the party, Senora Ines treats Rosaura as a worker instead of a guest. This treatment of Rosaura shatters her dreams for the future. Liliana Hecker manipulates characters into the story who unsuccessfully try to reveal to Rosaura the harsh realities of her hopes and dreams.
When Rosaura’s mother disagrees with her daughter’s decision to go to an upper class girl’s party, Rosaura refuses to acknowledge social barriers that impede friendship. Rosaura’s mother states that Rosaura “likes to fart higher than [her] ass” because Rosaura dreams of achieving goals that are unattainable for the daughter of a maid. Hecker creates a sense that Rosaura really cannot achieve friendship outside her peer group because she lacks resources such as money and connection with powerful people. Rosaura’s mother sets apart the upper class from her own family by forbidding her daughter to go to “the rich…

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