The Stereotypes Of The Film Codes Of Gender Essay

812 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
While watching the documentary “Codes of Gender” I began to reflect on how these codes affect me in my life and society. For me, the gender codes represented in advertisements and other forms of media do not affect the way I view other women as individuals. When I look at magazines or billboards displaying the codes explored in the documentary I always feel disconnected from them. I consciously know that these images are a unrealistic and unnatural portrayal of women in everyday life. I tend not to make assumptions of the women I meet based on the gender codes that define what a women should be. With that being said, as I watched the documentary I found myself trying to defend the media and the codes they trap women in. This made me realize that even though I do not make these assumptions about an individual, I do make them about women as a whole. When I meet a woman who is not sensitive or portrays any of what the documentary would define as “feminine traits” I feel temporarily offset by it. The feeling does not last long because I consciously know that everyone is different and cannot be forced to fit into the characteristics defined by society but it is a prevalent subconscious attitude.

When it comes to masculinity, the media does play a huge role in how I see men, especially in what I find attractive. I do consider a man to be strong, less sensitive and a protector in the same way the media does. That “man” is exactly what I find appealing while a more feminine man…

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