Have You Realze You Re Racist Analysis

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“Have You Realized You’re Racist?”

In American history everybody should be used to racism. Racism has become so common, that some people start to tolerate it. It became so known that now, people do not even realize that they are racist. Racism is indirect; it is surprising that people try to stop it. You cannot stop someone from having their own opinion. Many people blame racism towards their norms such as society, family, or certain beliefs. They do not realize that they are self-discriminating themselves, but it just comes naturally. You can ask someone questions on who they associate with, and most likely it will be their own race. This generation have fallen accustomed to the indirect racist stereotypes.
For example, if you were unaware
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When it comes to having to be categorized as the race that takes the most negative outcomes, African Americans have the most attention. This generation of African Americans enables the stereotypes, and changed most of the racial stereotypes into something positive. Now a days they make jokes about the old racial comments and slurs. Since the opinions of race have not change they feel that they should adapt to them, and the mindsets have changed overtime. However from actually accepting the prejudgments they are proving the majority stereotypes about them. An African American can say they are attracted to somebody that is light skin, but not attracted to someone that is dark skin. On social media they would have debates on which skin color is dominate in their race. Instead of standing up and fighting to stop it, African Americans have given up. Since the judgments are starting to become such a human nature, we use it against each other. So African Americans now feel they should act that way. As noted in the article “Why Is the N.Y.P.D. After Me?” Peart said “We expect the police to jump us any moment. We know the rules: don’t run and don’t try to explain, because speaking up for yourself might get you arrested or worse.” (382). In the essay you cannot recognize If Peart was being sarcastic, or just accepting the fact African Americans have to act a certain way towards majority and authority. African Americans are proving majorities racial judgments just because we think it is

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