The Status Of Latin American Governments Essay

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The status of Latin American Governments has ranged from opposite ideological ends of the spectrum. After Salvador Allende, who was democratically elected by the Chilean people, was over thrown by Agusto Pinochet due to poor economic reform and a spike in inflation, the state of Chile efficiently turned around the economy because of neo-liberal economic policy enforced by not a democratic government but an authoritarian state. Pinochet’s powers associated with being a dictator allowed him to foster a growing economy due to the absence of obstacles proposed by democratic governments like that of Salvador Allende’s. The regime under Allende had an immense amount of troubles not being able to foster economic growth leading to inevitable discontent of his constituents that led to the Pinochet’s Regime. A democratic government is not as an efficient way of fostering economic growth as demonstrated by the rise of Pinochet.. Allendes democratic government failed into a dictatorship, where structural adjustment polices successfully turned the economy around, who then turned back into a democracy thus; a good economy develops into a democracy. Carlos Andres Perez, Venezuela populist president, like Pinochet also hired a cabinet full of technocrats who prescribed a treatment of free market and privatizations.
Poor economic decisions made by Allendes democratic regime caused a coup to emerge and a dictatorship to rise. The rise of bureaucratic authoritarianism from a democratic…

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