Essay about The Statement Of Administrative Philosophy

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Statement of Administrative Philosophy
It is in looking back that we are able to see the future; SANKOFA. This African symbol derived from the Akan Tribe in Ghana best describes my Administrative Philosophy. Translated the word and the symbol means, “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” (Carter G. Center for Education). It is upon this belief that my experiences, leadership, management style, values stand strong.
The genesis of my statement of administrative philosophy is derived from my gratitude to my elders and ancestors that paved thefor access to education.The impact of their courage and leadership creates a legacy that lives forever. To the point, it is my altruistic calling as well as duty to. It is in education where I don’t make a living but rather “Live my making!” Simply put I am called to this profession and have a duty to unselfishly serve. To that end as a theoretical underpinning of my practices, my preferred leadership style is servant and transformational.
As a lifelong learner each experience germane to education has untwines woven itself into tapestry of my life. In my experience was of course as student living in campus housing, an resident, a resiecner advisor and finally a resident director at the University of Illios at Chicago. I employed a Transformational and Leader/Member leadership style as the theorical underpiinng of many of my decision and success of my team. When working in campus housing education,…

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