Essay on The State Of Virginia And The Great Slave

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America was a young and newly formed nation in the 1800s, and while the previously independent states were finally united under one constitution, there were still many disagreements among them. Slavery was one issue of many, which greatly separated the north and south halves of the country, and was the source of a great amount of conflict and tension between the two sides. Virginia, being a southern state, was also one of the primary slave states, as its economy essentially depended on slavery. The year of 1831 and surrounding years were very important for the state of Virginia as certain events such as Nat Turner’s slave rebellion and the Great Slave Debate took place during this time period. These events as well as the issue of slavery itself were dealt with by certain key politicians at the time such as the Congressman John Randolph, President Andrew Jackson, and Governor John Floyd. Each of these men played a role in one way or another in the way slavery was handled in the south, as well as in the state of Virginia. Born an aristocrat and to one of Virginia’s most prominent families at the time, John Randolph was also a very assertive and opinionated political personality. He gained all of this from a private education through his childhood, available to him due to his family’s high social status and wealth, and went on to study at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and Columbia College. He also studied law in Philadelphia. This education and status…

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