Essay on The State Of Florida Vs. George Zimmerman

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The State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman A neighborhood watchman, a young man and a gun: what good could come from this mixture? The events leading to the trial were committed in 2012 after a neighborhood watchman murdered a black teenager because he was “suspicious.” In 2013 Zimmerman was acquitted when with all evidence provided in the trial he was guilty but no one truly knows why he was acquitted. The trial of State of Florida versus George Zimmerman resurfaced the true racial issues in America by, causing another racial stir, resurfacing stereotypes, and acquitting someone who is reasonably guilty. The most important reason this trial even came into existence is because George Zimmerman, age 30, who was a mainly unemployed neighborhood watchman shot and killed Trayvon, age 17, a black teenager from Seminole County Florida. Zimmerman is considered to be unemployed because he was not paid for being a neighborhood watchman and Martin was still a high school student. To quote Ted Nugent he said Martin was a, “Dope smoking, racist, gansta wanna be” (CNN). The only thing that has been shouted by hundreds of protestors around the US is that Zimmerman was a stereotypical racist. Both the victim and the suspect have labels on their head that lead into something much, much bigger.
When people look at the fact that resurfacing stereotypes bring upon the question of possible biased in the courtroom and protest cause major publicity in a case based on stereotypes. Then the State…

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