The Start Of The Third Quarter Essay

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It was the start of the third quarter. We were winning. Jexavier and I were sitting in the bench taking a little rest while Daniel was playing the third quarter. That way Jexavier and I could play the last quarter and since we were a bit short but fast, finish and defend our victory. Daniel would get a rest for the first half of the fourth quarter and be put for the rest of the quarter.
With every shot, every block, every steal our "admirers" would cheer. Every time I would shoot, I would look at Nicole. She would be sitting there, silent, as if watching my every move in silence. Like a snake watching her prey, so was she watching me. Because of that I made sure to play perfect, just to look good. I look at her, our eyes meet, and as if I could feel her right beside me...
"Foul!!!" calls the referee! I see Nicole gasp at something. What? What happened? Suddenly I see Daniel on the ground.
"Oh my God my ankle!" he is grudging with pain.
"That’s what you get you little *****" says one of the other teams player. Number 8. "Come on get up little girl!" I suddenly imagine myself in Daniels position, on the ground with pain, being bullied by this person.
I react on an instance, I get up to shut the kid up but Jexavier holds me back.
"Don’t! If we get in there we will just be doing what he wants! To get us out of the game for technical foul. Calm down" how ironic. Jexavier, telling me to calm down.
"He is talking bad about Daniel... Let me go I will not do nothing" I…

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