The, Stapleton And Sadie Jorgensen 's Novel ' The Bone Cage '

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In order to become talented in a specific sport it takes practice, patience, and athleticism but over time it is very possible for an ordinary person to achieve this status. However, in order to become the best in the world, that presents a completely different story. Through the eyes of both Tom “Digger” Stapleton and Sadie Jorgensen in Angie Abdou’s novel The Bone Cage, the reader quickly learns the difference between becoming an athlete and becoming an Olympian. Both of these Olympic hopefuls put their lives on hold in order to hopefully achieve this standard of greatness. Neither person has long term goals for the future after the Olympics, they subsist week to week and both have sacrificed the majority of their lives for the opportunity to stand on the podium in Sydney, Australia. To most, it seems that both Digger and Sadie are on the same path towards greatness, but these two superb athletes have some major differences that include their work ethic, sense of belonging with both friends and family and their difference by choice of becoming alienated from the outside world that ultimately leads to destiny dictating the difference between becoming an Olympian or remaining an athlete.
WORK ETHIC Becoming an Olympic athlete is not an easy task by any means but with Sadie’s work ethic it is even harder. Sadie is a very talented athlete and her life revolves around swimming; at times it seems that she goes through the motions instead of pushing herself and her coach is…

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