The St. Anthony School Essays

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Founded as a Catholic school in 1864, the St. Anthony School had multiple school buildings with various interior designs; although shut down in 2006 because of overcrowding issues, the school building now functions as parish offices, religious education classes, and other activities for the St. Anthony Church. St. Anthony’s first school consisted of a log cabin (St. Anthony 1). It included a single room with makeshift benches and a wood stove for heat, located in the center of the room. Rough, wooden boards lined the floors throughout the school.
Two nuns from the Ferdinand Benedictine Sisters taught at the original Catholic school. (Wendholt 15) According to records, Mr. Witmer taught with the nuns at St. Anthony (St. Anthony 1). The two most popular reading materials in the classroom consisted of the New Testament and Webster 's spelling book (Wendholt 15). Unfortunately, a fire demolished the first school four years after the construction. The residents of the community recorded little information about the second and third schools at St. Anthony. In 1868, a framed school building, the first of its kind, took the place of the one destroyed by the fire. Residents did not keep any records of what happened to this school and why they built the next one. (St. Anthony 1)
Appraised at $700 in 1885, the third school at St. Anthony was constructed (Wendholt 15). Without any buses at this time, students walked to and from the first, second, and third schools because of how…

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