The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down Essay

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Critical Book Review (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down)
The United States is known as the most powerful nation on earth. Most people immigrating to America can significantly improve their standards of living, as well as pursue an education if they wish to do so. Even though the gap between the rich and poor has continued to periodically increase, the average American is seen as rich and very fortunate when compared to the average person living in central Africa or Latin America. Over a million people legally immigrate to the United States every year in search of a better life and opportunity. It is known as the number one nation where a person can freely marry and practice their religious beliefs without the worry of being under attack or suffer scrutiny.
As our founding fathers wrote on the declaration of independence, all men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In our democracy, we as the people are entitled to alter, abolish, or institute a new government if these rights aren’t secured. Even though it seems like the perfect place to live, it is not a worldly opinion. Many nations such as Russia, Palestine, and Tajikistan hold very negative views on not only America but Americans. Viewed as materialistic, racist (even though this country is considered a melting pot), lacking cultural awareness, gun-loving, violent, and are ignorant or ignore environmental awareness, according to The Top Ten.
My parents…

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