The Spill That Affected the World Essay

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On July 27, 2010 oil began leaking from a well off the coast of New Mexico. This spill, classified as an accidental spill, will greatly affect worldwide business and business practices. Before the conclusion of the oil spill, 4.4 million barrels of oil will have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. This catastrophic event will have a clear negative effect on international business that will in turn people living and working throughout the world. The primary business that was affected by the oil spill was the seafood market. Many worldwide seafood distributers and restaurants rely on this region for the products that make their business successful. According to Jaquetta White, the spill has decreased the number of crabs, lobsters, and other …show more content…
Another area of the oil business affected was the drilling companies. According to Stephanie Kirchgaessner, President Obama restricted drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This caused drilling companies coming in from different countries to reduce their ability to collect oil. For example, PEMEX based in Mexico, was being restricted from drilling in the Gulf of Mexico causing the company to lose money due to losing their primary drilling areas. Many workers from this company were out of work for several months, an affect of the drilling restriction placed by President Obama. President Obama was concerned with the safety regulations associated with oil drilling, although one could also make a political argument for this decision. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill certainly affected the worldwide oil industry in a negative way. Additionally, the oil spill in the Gulf had a considerable impact on tourism. The areas of the Gulf that were affected were the coast of Louisiana and Florida. (Please see attached map). Many tourist ships such as cruise lines couldn't enter or exit the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the oil on the water. This affected the profit of cruise line companies from other countries as well as those from the United States traveling out to other countries. Many people from different

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