Environmental Case Study Of Oil Spills In Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria

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The environmental case study of choice is oil spillage in Niger Delta region of Nigeria. I decided to write on oil spills in Niger Delta region of Nigeria because it affects the poor and vulnerable populations who are unable to confront the multinational oil companies and government who are benefiting from the proceeds of oil exploration. The region which is home to 20 million people consists of 40 different ethnic groups and occupies 7.5 per cent of the nation’s total land mass (Kadafa, 2012).
A safe environment which is fundamental to health include access to clean water, shelter and food but these are no longer guarantee in the region as a result of oil exploration activities which have destroyed farm lands, aquatic and terrestrial lives
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The first oil spill in the country occurred in Araromi in Ondo State in 1908 (Ukoli, 2005). This was followed by Forcados spill in Delta state where an estimated 421,000 barrels of oil were release into the ocean in January 1980 destroying abount 836 acres of forest in the region (Ukoli, 2005, Adati, 2012). In February, 1995 another oil spill occur near Etiama Nembe releasing about 24,000 barrels of oil into fresh water swamp (Kadafa, 2012). ‘Shell Petroleum Development Company since 1989 has recorded an average of 221 spills per year in its operational area involving 7,350 barrels annually’ (Kadafa, …show more content…
People in the region often complain about health issues including breathing problems, skin lesions and many have loss access to food and clean water as a result of destruction of farm lands and aquatic ecosystem.
The impact of oil spills in the region is best captured in a report issued by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in 1983 “We witnessed the slow poisoning of the waters of this country and the destruction of vegetation and agricultural land by oil spills which occur during petroleum operations, but since the inception of the oil industry in Nigeria, there has been no concerned and effective efforts on the part of the government, let alone the oil operators, to control environmental problems associated with the industry” (The Tides news ,

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