The Spill Of Oil Spill Essay

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An oil spill occurred near Santa Barbara, California. The oil spilled from an on-shore pipeline that broke and leaked into a storm drain which unloads into the Pacific Ocean. The size of the spill has been estimated to be over one-thousand gallons. The spill was uncovered due to people experiences a stench while on the beach alerting authorities. The spill was found to have spread to nine miles.
Oil spills can affect living organisms because of its chemical components are toxic .Through exposure to oil these toxic chemicals can affect organisms either when they are inhaled, through skin contact or by ingestion. In addition thick oils such as crude oil can suffocate many marine organisms. Fish may be affected either through direct contact or through their gills the toxins can lead to fin erosion, reduced growth and changes in their heart and respiration rates. In addition prolong exposure to toxins in oil can lead to genetic alterations which can possibly affect humans in regions where commercial fisheries are found. Aquatic birds are usually affected by oil spills due to the oil especially thicker oils adhering to their feathers this affect the bird’s ability to regulate its temperature and may lead to ingestion of oil if the bird attempts to clean its feathers. Many marine mammals such as seals, otters and manatees are also affected through various means such as inhalation of the toxic chemicals or when the oil coats the fur of these animals it inhibits their ability to…

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