Essay on The Spellbinding Art Of Human Anatomy

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Vanessa Ruiz: The spellbinding art of human anatomy Ruiz explains the history of anatomical drawings, their main and vital medical purpose, as well as the artistic quality that has been seen time and time again. This talk explained the idea that the drawings are not just for scientific purposes, but also art because of the emotions they demand from people; curiosity, joy, disgust. She says that “fear of anatomy and guts is a learned reaction”. This is proven by a particularly interesting artist, Jason Freeny, who takes children’s toys and gives them anatomical accurate insides. Each of the artists that she show cased, though they varied greatly in style, have the same purpose for their art. They use medical anatomy as a way to allow anyone and everyone to relate and understand the inside of the human body. Timothy Ihrig: What we can do to die well I chose this talk primarily because of the title. Timothy Ihrig is a Palliative care physician and he discusses the way that doctors go about treating their patients, from diagnosis to the unfortunate case of their death. He asked his first patient and now all of them, “What do you hold sacred?”, and tries to meet those wants and needs. Despite what anyone may think about America being the best, we only rank 37th out of the top 50 in quality of healthcare. He made the great point that doctors, and people in general, too often get caught up in the disease and treatment that they forget about the person. It has been statistically…

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