The Soviet Union Essay

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HIST 222-02: Modern America NAME______________________
Ideas of Freedom in the 1950s Due in class Friday, Nov 6

Read the “Chapters 23 & 24 Readings” pdf file on the Content page of the course website, then write your answers to the questions in the spaces provided. Be sure to read each selection carefully and to use the information contained in the introduction of each selection to help you answer the questions.

1) a) Read Richard Nixon’s speech “What Freedom Means to Us,” given in 1959. What, according to Nixon, constitutes freedom in the USA? Explain in your own words.

According to Nixon, what constituted as freedom in the United States, was the opposite of the Soviet Union. Most importantly, freedom was economic prosperity and choice by consumers in a capitalistic society. Nixon believed that the distribution of wealth in America, as a result of capitalism, was the closest to prosperity for all classes, out of the countries in the world. Due to the distribution of wealth, common people could afford to choose from a wide variety of consumer goods, which were featured when Nixon was giving a speech about freedom. Though the Soviet Union was involved in manufacturing, the ability to choose and a chance at economic prosperity was not made available to all people. Another important aspect of freedom for Nixon was the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as an example he cited the criticism of President Eisenhower. Along with freedom of speech was the…

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