Essay about The Soviet Union And The United States

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On the final few days of the crisis, Cuba didn’t feel like they were going to have a say in what was going to happen in the end. Castro did not like being abandoned by the Soviet Union because they wanted to save their own interests. According to Belkin and Blight (1991), on the “final weekend of the crisis a communication from Castro warning of an American attack and proposing that the Soviets launch their missiles preemptively” because they didn’t feel like the compromise would be fulfilled on the United States side (734). Given this information the Soviet Union and the United States knew that the actions of both of them would have an effect on the other and they needed to come to a middle ground fast. As Belkin and Blight (1991) put it “the security of both sides in such a relationship is connected, or wired together, in one single system. Both sides are in the same boat, and if the boat sinks, both sides sink” (740). In the end the Soviet Union and the United States came to an agreement in private and the result was a great relief for everyone. The gain for both sides was the installation of a hotline between Moscow and Washington that would give them direct contact with each other in order to fast track complications that might arise from the Cold War. Many other treaties were enacted due to the ending of the crisis and these went to ban nuclear testing both on land and in water. Due to this crisis the “Soviets learned not to bluff, not to challenge an adversary who is…

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