The Soviet Union Aided And Reinforced Vietnam During The Vietnam War

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Both China and the Soviet Union aided and reinforced Vietnam during the Vietnam War; however they each helped Vietnam differently and had a dissimilar advice and counsel to
Vietnam. With both China and Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh never accepted direction from either of them, as he did with the French and the Japanese, but he does in fact receive openly their help and support for the war. Ho remains independent concerning the decisions made in North Vietnam, he is not dependent on the Soviet Union or China, as South Vietnam is dependent from the United States.
Initially in the 1950s, the Soviet Union had a very small involvement in the Vietnam War, it basically remained neutral. In the 1950s, China and the Soviet Union were unified in their advice towards Vietnam.
Võ Nguyên Giáp went to China to meet both China and the Soviet Union and they both told Giap to peacefully coexist with South Vietnam. They also declared that Hanoi should work in
“reunifying the country through peaceful means” (Buzzanco). However, after the 1960s this unity between the Chinese and the Russians changed. In the
1960s, China starts to become more involved and hostile in Vietnam. China begins to counsel Ho in preparing a socialist regime above the seventeenth parallel. China also advised Ho to begin developing and preparing for opportunities. Through 1960-1961, China gets ahead of the Soviet Union; however the Soviet Union becomes more involved later in the war. Ho takes much more…

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