The Soviet Revolution Essay examples

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In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan supporting a newly elected communist government that was being threatened by traditional Islamic government officials. In 1981 Osama Bin Laden the son of a wealthy Saudi businessman crossed the border into Afghanistan to support the cause against the Soviet invasion. Bin Laden young member of the Islamic Brotherhood which believed in traditional Islam blended with 20th century government. In the beginning Bin Laden helped by raising funds with his wealthy family ties and recruited soldiers to the fight for their Islamic state. The United States also supported the rebels in Afghanistan by supplying weapons and funds which helped the resistance edge out the Soviets. “For Americans, the Afghan war was a chance to weaken the Kremlin. The U.S., along with its chief ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, pumped in $6 billion of not-so-covert guns and ammunition in order to defeat the Russians” (PBS, 2001. PBS/Hunting Bin Laden). (PBS, 2001. PBS/Hunting Bin Laden)
During this time Osama Bin Laden met his mentor Dr. Al-Zawahiri, Zawahiri who was a devout Islamist believed in the creation of an Islamic State and a jihad (holy war) against anyone who opposed, Bin Laden adopted these ideals which radicalized his faith. “For the vast majority of Muslim’s their religion is of peace. But in mosques around the world, many clerics talk about Islam being under attack and about how they must unite and fight back. It is what Muslims call…

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