Essay on The Souls Of Black Folk

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American citizens have been facing social challenges for generations. Particularly, the issue of race has been and remains one of the most contentious. Due to its controversial nature, the subject of race collects a tremendous amount of research. Specifically, W.E.B. Du Bois was crucial in the research for the African American community. The ideas that Du Bois presents in his work “The Souls of Black Folk,” play a significant role in today’s social conflicts between black and white people. Du Bois’s work dives into the inner workings of the relationship between the Afro-American culture and white America.
Throughout his work he presents two ideas, “double consciousness” and “the veil,” which encompass the archetypal black experience in America. Although these are two different concepts, they are very closely entwined in describing the life of the African Negro. Not only did the black community relate to these ideas in the twentieth century, but also in today’s generation. Moreover, Du Bois believed the only solution to gaining true equality was to create a new nation within a nation for the black community. For Du Bois, double consciousness is the feeling of seeing one’s self through the eyes of another, while judging one’s soul based on the perceptions of society. Thus double consciousness, in this case, is a black individual who changes their actions and appearances to match the standards of society in white America. Furthermore, because the white race believed that…

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