The Sociological Imagination : O C. Wright Mills Essay

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The Sociological Imagination o C. Wright Mills argued that we need to use our sociological imagination, which is the ability to see the connections between our personal experience and the larger forces of history.
• Be able to understand our own chances and experiences but also paying attention to other individuals.
• Realize we are not alone in our experiences.
• While using the sociological imagination you need to be able to grasp and relate things in society.

Sociological Institution o Is a complex group of interdependent positions that perform a social role and reproduce themselves over time.

The Sociology of Sociology o Auguste Comte came up with the idea of social physics or positivism.
• Positivism is trying to make moral sense of social order Ina time of religious decline.
• We are able to determine what is wrong and right without needing a reference to higher powers or religious concepts.
• Comte argued that we had gone through three historical stages.
 The first stage was the theological stage which was the the result of divine will. Why kings ruled and other systematic things was because it was God’s plan. To want to understand better meant that you should read the bible.
 The second stage was the metaphysical stage was when enlightenment thinkers, Thomas Hobbs, thought that human kind’s behaviors were a biological instinct. We need to understand our basic drives and instincts.
 The third and last stage is the scientific stage which is using…

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