The Sociological Approach On Dealing With Social Problems Is Done By Critical Thinking

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The sociological approach to dealing with social problems is done by critical thinking. In our daily lives and routines we are led to believe that things are as they seem because they seem right and we are comfortable. We must get away from this way of thinking and start asking the difficult questions that are uncomfortable and only accepting answers that are backed with evidence. It is important to listen to all views of social issues but not to accept all arguments as valid but more importable to question the arguments that lack factual evidence. To logically identify a social problem we must be clear is our ways to define the concepts in a way that allows to study them. The issue for example may be unemployment; we must drill down and see what the root of the unemployment is. We must ask ourselves, are they unemployed to discrimination, lack of skill, education or gender to name a few possibilities. Perhaps they became unemployed because their employer’s business was failing, this is why we must ask the difficult questions that many people try to avoid. In any situation you may find yourself bias whether it be because you understand someone’s culture or identify with their social status. To effectively study issue we must recognize our own beliefs and bias. Failing to make this identification may result in have a closed mind and only searching for evidence that supports your own argument, in turn you may ignore fact base evidence that is right in front of you. In can be…

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