The Issue Of Discrimination Between Native Americans And Native Hawaiian Population

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Dominic Tedesco Video Paper 2

1. The sociological problem that this video addressed was the issue of discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity. More specifically, the video covered the struggles faced by the Native American population and the indigenous Hawaiian population. These two groups of people have had many injustices done to them. They faced similar types of discrimination and in both situations there have been attempts to take the culture and history away from these people. The video also focused heavily on the aspect of land. Both groups, Hawaiians and Native Americans, were settled on their respective land long before white settlers occupied
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Most people who are not native Hawaiians or Native Americans are not even aware that this is sociological issue. Since it may be considered a dark part of our American history, the seizing of land from indigenous people was not the most widely discussed topic in our schools. I actually remembering learning, straight from a textbook, that the land was properly and fairly bargained for, with the Native American people getting a fair share of the land. However, according to the views expressed in this video that was not truly the case. Many Native American and Native Hawaiian families are continually suffering because of the poor opportunities being afforded to them. The land that was supposed to be fairly awarded to them is barely even inhabitable. They lack the simple opportunities that most of us are accustomed to, such as decent paying jobs and proper available schooling. Possibly the worst issue these Native populations are facing is the suppression of their proud culture and heritage. The two groups pride themselves on where they came from, their ceremonies, their ancestors, and their ways of life. However, there have been great efforts to contain their cultures and turn these people into typical American …show more content…
A feasible solution to this problem is far from obvious and simple. The main issue being faced in this sociological problem is the aspect of unequal distribution of land. The indigenous populations of the country believe that their land was unfairly taken away, and the people in power in the country believe just the opposite. While we would all like to say just give them their land back because it was basically stolen from them, the harsh truth is that it is simply not going to happen. Having land is a simple of power; no person, group, or country is ever going to like giving up land. We still see nations going into armed conflict over acquiring land, most prevalently the Palestinian conflict. Especially now, with centuries of having this land under the control of the United States government, they are not going to have any inclination to give the land up. It has become too ingrained in our society. However, a solution that is entirely possible is to simply make the land allotted to indigenous populations better. The United States government can improve the living conditions of these people without giving up any land at all. The video showed vividly that the homes in which these indigenous populations live are not in the greatest shape, their cars are far from new and luxurious, and their communities do not have that much to offer. What these people do have is a proud culture. What the government, or even a non-profit organization, can do is help to raise money to improve

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