The Societal Standards Of Catch 22 Essay examples

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The Societal Standards of Catch 22

In the year 1961, Joseph Heller wrote a book that would become a literary classic. That book was called “Catch 22”. Catch 22 is the tail of a bombardier named Yossarian during WW2. In the novel Yossarian struggles to deal with the overwhelming amount of danger in his life, while simultaneously attempting to overcome the absurdity of the military bureaucracy that he constantly bickers with. The setting of the novel is primarily set on the small island of Pianosa off the coast Italy. Additionally, some of the novel took place in Rome when Yossarian and the other men were on leave. Yossarian spends most of the novel just trying to survive so that he could eventually go home and finally be out of danger. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts Yossarian was still being sent on suicidal missions that often ended with the death or mysterious disappearance of one of his few remaining friends. A big part of the story involves Yossarians interactions with the other characters. Most of the characters he deals with are the other members of the Air force squadrons. Some of them are his friends, but many avoid him because they think he is crazy. Predictably, Military leaders above Yossarian are the other group of people that he must deal with in the novel. There are also some other characters that Yossarian engages with ; including the squadron chaplain, Milo the mess officer, and several love interests that Yossarian encounters during his…

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