The Societal Expectations Of Women Essay

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Society has a number of expected actions and roles for both of the biological genders and failure to abide by and fall within the parameters of these roles will leave a person open for being ostracized and possibly even experience negative consequences. There are many ways in which men are more affected by the societal expectations of gender than women. Men are held to an almost impossible standard and although women are more vocal, men are taught to be strong; consequently, this means men are supposed to ignore the things that would make them feel harmed or would allow others to think that they are weak. It is entirely possible that men’s view of what is harmful to the self might be skewed towards a state of numbness. Women are expected to be masters of emotion by the time they have reached young adulthood, but men are often forced to become emotionally stunted, and because crying or showing any emotional or physical pain is considered a feminine trait. Men of all ages are forced to push any emotions far down into themselves until their feelings erupt in often violent displays. Kimmel attempts to give us an outline of what the expected behaviors for men are; “
”the unifying emotional subtext of all the aphorisms involves never showing emotion or admitting to weakness. The face that you must show to the world insists that everything is going to be just fine, that everything is under control, and that there is nothing to be concerned about”(463).

It is entirely…

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