The Social World Of Jesus Essay

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In what way was the social world of Jesus important to his life and teaching?

The social world of Jesus was important to his life and teaching for several reasons. In order to understand his teachings, we must first identify certain aspects of the First Century Palestine. We must consider Jesus’ culture and the society in which he was raised. We must also acknowledge the Jewish religion and Jesus’ personal values that influenced who he was. Part of the process is to recognize and understand the distinction between the Domination System and God 's domination-free order including, violence and inequality. Jesus’s teachings came from the social world in which he lived in.
The social world in which Jesus existed was a self-centered and corrupt society. Women were treated as subordinates without the same rights as their male counterparts. “The rich dominated the poor; men, women; Romans, their subjects” (Wink, W., 1991, p. 268). Slavery was acceptable and pervasive. There was greed, exploitation, and power struggles. A group of priests held the wealth and power of the temple and violence was a customary form of punishment or vengeance. The lack of values and oppression is where Jesus showed strength in his messages to the people and the disciples. The world was broken and needed a savior.

What was the central message of Jesus and how did he present it?

The central message of Jesus was “the Kingdom of God.” Jesus’ message was the good news of Jesus Christ and that the…

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