Essay on The Social Network, Directed By David Fincher

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The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, is an adaptation of the events surrounding the creation of Facebook. The film portrays an array of values; two of the most paramount are betrayal and the importance of status. The portrayal of the values throughout the film allows for real life connections to be made, but also permits reflection of personal beliefs.

Status is very important to Mark Zuckerberg, being one of his guiding forces during the creation of Facebook, as well as his everyday life and relationships. At the start of the film during a conversation with Erica, she mentions she likes the idea of guys who “row crew”, which makes Mark feel insecure as “they’re world class athletes”. When the Winklevoss twins initially approach Mark he is not interested until Tyler says, “we row crew”; Mark then has time to talk to them as he value status and wants to be associated with people of high status. Mark’s actions in this situation are perfectly normal as many people care about what others think of them and want to be regarded of highly. Mark craves a higher status and therefore being a member of a final club as he has a preconceived notion that “they lead to a better life”. Mark feels the need to differentiate himself from others by means of exclusivity and almost has a warped sense of reality. The twin’s status is very desirable to Mark, therefore his actions are understandable but he gets too caught up in gaining status.

From the start of the film the friendship…

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