Essay on The Social Identities Of White Privilege And My Ethnicity

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For the purposes of this paper, I have chosen to focus on the social identities of white privilege and my Mexican ethnicity in discussing how both have impacted the construction of my social identity. Patton, Evans, Forney, Guido & Quaye (2016) mention in their text “Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice” Ferman and Gallego’s model of Latina/o Ethnoracial identity, which I will use to discuss how my Mexican ethnicity and being white has shaped my social identity.
Latina/o Identity
Ferdman and Gallego’s Model of Latina and Latino Identity is comprise of six orientation which include: White-identified, Undifferented/Denial, Latinos as Other, Subgroup-Identified, Latino-Identified, Latino-Integrated. According to Ferdman and Gallego each orientation serve as “lenses” through which Latinos view themselves. In this paper I plan to focus on three out of the six orientations that best fit my how my social identity was shaped based on my ethnicity. Patton et. al (2016) state “orientations are constructed based off of five features: one’s lens towards identity, how individuals prefer to identify themselves, how Latina/os as a group are seen, how whites are seen, how race fits into the equation” (pg. 106).
White-identified Orientation
The White-Identified orientation occurs when an individual adopts white racial identity seeing other racial groups (including Latina/os) as inferior. (Patton et. al, 2016, p. 107) Through my personal experience I…

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