The Social Context of Childhood Essay

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The Social Context of Childhood

Describe and analyse how social factors impact upon children and young people and consider how your setting and practice responds to it.

The concept about the nature of childhood has changed in significant ways over time. According to James & Prout (1997) the beginning of the twentieth century has marked what they refer to as 'Century of Child'. This is the time when children were acknowledged as the future of every country. Serious attention was paid to things such as children’s health and education. Also many campaigns were formed to relieve child poverty, which led to the first major success of the Family Allowances Act (1946). This act offered a regular sum for second and subsequent
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Sandefur and Wells (1999) suggests that the number of siblings in a family and the event of parental divorce is a big factor on reducing children’s chances on having a good education and therefore leading to a lower work-related achievement thus, leading to the probability of poverty. Furthermore Downey (1995) also bring to attention that in larger size families the resources are weak, and as a result children do not perform well in school and later in life. Also End of Poverty (2007) confirms that a family’s lack of money has a significant impact on the education of their children. Even a good school and committed teachers can’t fully relieve the pressure that living in poverty places on a family or for the social exclusion, poor housing, or a lack of books or a computer at home. This means that the lack of resources that deprived children have makes them face a difficult struggle just to have the same type of learning environment as their peers. Furthermore, End of Poverty (2007) continues that a great deal of informal education takes place outside the school – at home and in the wider community, something poor children often miss out on. To alleviate this impact on children’s experience author’s setting has introduced a few programs such as guided reading and Lexia which gives all children the equal opportunity to have access to various resources such as books and computers. This will

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