Essay on The Social Conflict Theory Of Society

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During my time at IHOP I observed some very interesting things about todays society. Before I entered the establishment I noticed a happy family returning to their car. So I made the assumption that these observations would all be the same because of possibly of great service and environment. I was gravely mistaken.
I walked into IHOP and was seated in a great spot to observe people. The situations I observed were; a group of 5 teenager girls, a old man by himself, and it seemed to be two female friends with their newborn babies. The first thing that I could connect perfectly with a theory was the Social-Conflict theory. The friends with the children were set off towards the corner, and hidden away from the rest of the restaurant. Several other families were in that general are also. I didn’t find that equal at all. They were secluded, as if only families with young children had to sit there. The body language of the waiter towards them was impatient; he kept on tapping his pen on his pad and sighing overdramatically. When the parents apologized to the waiter for the confusion of there kids order, he gave off a sarcastic “its fine”. Question, why was he acting like that; maybe he doesn’t have a fondness of kids, or he likes his costumers to know exactly what they want when he comes to take there order. If this is true why not take a different table or not work in a family establishment. Then again he could have just been having a bad day.
I got to observe this next group…

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