The Social Attitude Between My Friends And Myself Essay

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When I was a younger girl, I always noticed the social attitude comparison between my friends and myself. My friends seemed to be talking about things that I did not know what were: as in; sex, drugs, and other things children my age should not have a clue about. I soon realized that there were many factors in such influenced such behavior; the structure needed for children, the building blocks needed to instruct structure, and the statistics that prove that structure is needed. The structure in children should be intuited from the beginning of their life. Every little moment in a child’s life affects their future and their own decisions. For example, in “Welding with Children” the grandfather’s daughters were strictly influenced by the way their father was towards them. He wasn’t a good father to them, and rarely “was there” as you could say; therefore, now the daughters aren’t there for their children now. Having a strict routine in the household is a critical part of developing structure in children. Kids who come from chaotic homes where belongings aren 't put away never learn that life can run more smoothly if things are organized a little. In homes where there is no set time or space to do homework, kids never learn how to sit themselves down to accomplish an unpleasant task. Kids who don 't develop basic self-care routines, from bathing to food, may find it hard to take care of themselves as young adults. The structure allows us to internalize constructive…

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