The Smile Foundation: Case Analysis Of The Smile Foundation

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Register to read the introduction… * Organizational development and sustainability advisory services and coaching.

* Managing and sharing knowledge with other NGOs, the public and private sectors.

* Networking and interchange among NGOs, the public and private sectors, for policy analysis, skill improvement and information sharing.

Strategy for involving citizens in development process Well-designed development projects (such as those that have been financed through social funds) can be a catalyst for community development. Participation at the community level allows the project choice to reflect the needs and preferences within the community, and the project design to reflect the local information, ensuring that local conditions, preferences, and circumstances are taken into account. Equally important, local participation engenders commitment, which is necessary for project sustainability over the long run. And participation in the project itself becomes part of the transformation process. There is growing evidence concerning the relationship between participation and development
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Technology * E – Donation: Technology like mobiles and internet can be used to make it easier for people to donate. For e.g. – Smile Foundation can tie up with a bank to enable people donate through internet banking accounts. Another option that we suggest is that Smile Foundation can tie up with telecom service providers whereby their subscribers can send an SMS to a predetermined numbers specifying the amount they want to donate and that amount would be deducted from their balance and transferred to the account of Smile Foundation.

* Physical Evidence: Smile Foundation can use their website to share information with the general public to inform them how they carry out their development activities and how they use the donations that they get. This way they will be able to earn the trust of the people. The website can also act as a medium of communication between the various partner NGOs.

4. Promotion * Celebrity as social Ambassador: They should use celebrities to spread their message and create awareness about their activities. Celebrities have a mass following so they will be able to influence the people to work towards the

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