The Slave Trade And The Middle Passage Essay

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The Atlantic Slave Trade, a four hundred year time span where Africans were kidnapped from their homelands and sold into a world of hard labor. A major part of this Slave Trade was the Middle Passage, the journey from Africa to the New World. Many of the stories that we hear about the Atlantic Slave trade are about the Middle Passage. The experiences were dreadful but the way the slaves were treated varied depending on the ships that carried them.
There were two types of slave ship captains: ones that favored tight packing, who preferred quantity over quality, and ones that favored loose packing, who preferred quality over quantity. From the moment that a slave was brought on a ship, their life would be desolate, their only shining moment was hoping that the ship they rode would be a loosely packed and that the ship captain was somewhat kind. A loose packing and relatively nice captain was not what most slaves encountered.
As people looking at the past, we mostly hear about the brutal treatment of slaves on the ships to the New World, which was what happened in most cases. In the Amistad clip shown in class, we saw that the slaves were whipped from the moment that they got on the ship and a few were shot without provocation. This was mainly used as an intimidation to discourage the slaves that thought they had a chance to escape their fate. It made them lose the last bit of hope some of them had. It was there to show the slaves who had the upper hand. They also did it…

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