The Skill Of Anticipation Of A Tennis Essay

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The Skill of Anticipation

I have been playing tennis since I was five years old, and having a good anticipation skill helped me to succeed. Since childhood, I have been playing defensive style tennis while staying mostly on the baseline. In order to succeed and win matches, I had to run a lot during the competition and play many long rally points. Due to my playing style, I needed to conserve energy during the tennis tournaments to perform at the best possible level. Because of my playing style, I have developed my anticipation skills through playing a lot of tennis tournaments, and that experience helped me during tennis competitions. I won Lithuanian men’s tennis championship in the summer of 2016. My skill of anticipation was one of the main factors which helped to achieve this amazing accomplishment. However, a lot of energy was saved throughout the tournament just by simply moving less and trying to predict where my opponent was going to hit the next ball. That helped me a lot because to win a tournament one needs to win five matches in a row, and that requires a lot of energy. This topic is important to me because the anticipation was one of the main reasons why I won this prestigious tennis tournament, and the problem was that I did not develop this skill in practice, but just only by playing tennis tournaments and analyzing my opponents. By analyzing the skill of anticipation, I will have a better understanding how to convey this ability to the children when I…

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