The Sistine Chapel : A Divine Chapel Created During The Renaissance Era

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The Sistine Chapel is a divine Chapel created during the Renaissance era. The Sistine chapel which was once previously called the Capella Magna is located in Vatican City, Italy. Tourists from all over the world our honored to not only enjoy the Chapel itself but the disperse artwork that surrounds the inside of the Sistine chapel. Pope Sixtus IV hired an assortment of magnificent artists to accompany him in creating one of the most remarkable and breath taking projects. The production of the restoration of the Chapel was no easy feat. The artists confronted dilemma’s along the lengthy journey but were able to strive to the finish line(Seymour, Charles,1972). Although Michelangelo was a significant contributor in the project, it wasn’t until 1503 till Julius II the previous Popes nephew insisted on no other than Michelangelo to join in. Michelangelo was well known for being a sculptor and it is known that he was first reluctant in partaking in Pope Julius’s assignment. When Michelangelo was originally summoned to Rome, he was in the stages of designing a tombstone for Pope Julius. The decoration of the Chapel is estimated to of begun in 1508 and took about four years to complete. It was passed on that Michelangelo damaged his eyesight after finalizing the ceiling. As if painting a entire Chapel ceiling wasn’t challenging enough, the contributors to the project formed their own ludicrous politics all by themselves. Based on the book Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel Ceiling,…

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