The Show Duck Dynasty The Robertson Family Essay

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In the show Duck Dynasty the Robertson family is filmed doing activities involve with the family or its business. The business they own manufactures duck calls which they sell and distribute. The family is filmed in Monroe, Louisiana where it focuses on the members and coworkers of the family and their business. The family shows the life and culture of a hunting family that made a great fortune from the family business. They represent an old fashion southern family. In episode one the family business is introduce which is called Duck Commander. The company began by the patriarch of the family Phil Robertson who made and patent the duck call they sell currently. One his sons Willie expanded the business and made it into a multimillionaire dollar company run by his family and close friends. Willie is currently the CEO of the company, while his brother Jase run the manufacturing of the duck call. In the episode the company has to fill an order to ship out, but the workers including Jase are messing around to the dismay of Willie. While that is going on the mother of Willie and Jase, Miss Kay decides to film cooking videos that the company is going to sell. In the end of the episode the brothers reconcile and everyone in the family including Jase and Willie’s kids and wives come together and have big family meal. Before eating they say a pray to God and then the episode end with Willie saying even though his family is crazy having them is important in his life.
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