The Show Catfish : The New Age Of Social Media And Technology

1003 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
The popular MTV show Catfish is based on online relationships of people that have never met in person and are looking for love while also exposing the fakes, and exploiting people’s lives The MTV show Catfish has made its mark in personal invasion and evasion of people’s lives. The show deters some people from following their hearts due to fakes, while on the other hand it helps people find their love by taking advantage of the new age of social media and technology. The show Catfish has saved many people’s lives and wellbeing due to the amount of in depth research like background checks, reverse email searches, and social media confirmation they perform on each person that is on their show. Catfish is a show that leaves the audience guessing because of the uncertainty of each situation of each person. The show Catfish is filled with surprises and has had the same plot since it started and I believe it should stay that way. Because people like to see other peoples lives and relationships making Catfish a popular show.
Because of its exploitation and insight into other peoples lives The TV show Catfish has crawled its way up on MTV to be one of the most popular shows on MTV’s list of TV shows. This is a low budget TV show about two guys that travel around the country trying to help numerous people meet their partner that they have been talking to on online dating sites. These people that the show Catfish help usually are lost or searching for love and dont know their partner…

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