The Short Stories Of Love By Judith Ortiz Cofer And The Skating Party

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The short stories “Lessons of Love” by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “The Skating Party” by Mena Summers emphasize the illusions of love and how it affects the main characters, of whom are impeded by their feelings in such a way that prevents them from understanding and processing the situation as they would have in any other circumstance. Both are blind to the egotistical agendas of their love interest until the conclusion, and regardless of such neither character regrets the situation or outcome. Even so, the characters experience wants and perform acts that they would normally not have succumbed to had they not been affected by love.
In both stories the egotistical motives of the main love interest is revealed and yet in the moment, neither character wishes to acknowledge that information. In “Lessons of Love”, the girl is hopelessly infatuated with her crush, and fails to consider the possibility that he may not like her for the same reasons— let alone like her at all. She does not accept this fact until she steps away from the situation and assesses it with a broken heart. Similarly, Uncle Nathan tells the story of being in love with Delia, dropping subtle hints and conclusions that could only have been made after time spent well away. He describes her to be someone extremely possessive, saying:
When she spoke of anything they hand — whether it was a buggy or a kitchen safe or the pet dog — she would say ‘my buggy’ or ‘my kitchen safe’ or ‘my dog.’ ‘We’ and ‘us’ were words she…

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